Our Candidate Service

So you’ve applied, or we have headhunted you for one of our roles. We’re here to support you through the whole recruitment process, from identifying opportunities, improving your CV, through to helping you with interview techniques and negotiating the best offer for your new role. Our candidate service is broken down below:

1. Get to know you

Whether by phone, Skype or face to face, we will get to know you. We will go through your goals, experience, what you enjoy and why you’re looking for a new job. It’s important to go through your likes and dislikes to ensure we match you with the best opportunities.

Once we understand what you’re looking for, we will discuss current vacancies or companies that could be of interest to you. Going through roles in detail, we will ensure it’s the right fit.

2. Tailor your CV

Tailoring your CV for a role is essential, so we will go through your CV with you to ensure it is tailored to the roles you’re applying for. We will make sure your key strengths and relevant experience are demonstrated to hiring managers.

3. Applications & Introductions

Once your CV is ready, we will send your details to the companies we have discussed. Along with your CV, we send hiring managers a summary of our conversations, your skills and relevant experience, to make sure the most important information is clearly highlighted to help you stand out.

Please rest assured we will never send your details to anyone without your prior consent!

4. Interview preparation

Interviews can be nerve-racking, but we are hear to help. All details will be sent to you, so you have everything you need to know for your interview, including information about the company, who you’re meeting, the job description and the interview format. We know our clients inside-out, so we can really help you prepare so you’re confident on the day.

We will also facilitate feedback between you and the company after your interview. This can help you understand where you performed well or areas where you can improve for future interviews.

Check out our blog which has a category dedicated to job hunting and interview hints and tips.

5. Negotiating and paperwork

It’s important that you’re delighted by the offer you receive. We can advise you whether an offer is fair, based on the local market and will handle negotiations for you, to make sure you receive the best possible offer whilst saving you the awkwardness of having to discuss your worth.

6. Aftercare

We believe in long-term relationships with our candidates. We will check up on you once you’ve started your new role, to make sure it is everything you hoped for and we hope you will keep in touch.

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