The Google Partners Certifications are now part of Google’s Academy for Ad’s platform, which helps individuals grow their advertising skills and become certified in specialist digital marketing fields. They recognise leading companies and help them find skilled marketers. Each certification lasts for 12 months and they’re all free!

Why Should You Take Google Partners Certification Exams?

The Google Partners certifications are a free and excellent way to develop & demonstrate your competence using Google Analytics & AdWords. Once passed, they are displayed in your Academy for Ad’s profile and can be connected with your company to help earn the Google Partner badge. Unfortunately, you can no longer display them on your LinkedIn profile, but you can still list them on your CV or print the certificates to display in your portfolio.

Certifications Available:

There are six AdWords exams available; AdWords Fundamentals, Display, Search, Video, Mobile & Shopping Advertising. To earn the AdWords Certification, you need to pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam and then at least one of the other AdWords exams. There are also certifications for Google Analytics, Mobile Sites & Digital Sales.

The questions are all multiple choice and you need to score at least 80{185a832b2bf004ff583656a2fa6e806a16dc7af20d292fe34c34018d750250b9} to pass any of these exams. If you don’t pass first time however, you can retake the exam after 7 days. Once passed, you’re certified for 12 months.



Tips for passing the exams:

1. Read Google’s Study Guides

Google has produced some great study guides for the AdWords exams that summarise the learnings of each course really well. Unfortunately these guides are no longer available in PDF, but they’re still a great aid! You can also check out Google Analytics Academy to help improve your skills before taking the Analytics exam.

2. Practice on AdWords or Analytics platforms

The best way to learn is by doing, so why not play around with the the AdWords and Analytics platforms before you take the exams. I had these platforms open throughout my learning so that I could practice what I learnt at each stage, which made some aspects a lot easier to understand.

3. Read questions more than once

Google’s exam questions can be similar to your Driving Theory exam. For many questions, it can seem that more than one answer is correct, so make sure you read all questions carefully. When facing a trick question, make sure you’re answer is the BEST answer, not just one correct option.

4. Take your time

Regardless of which exam you’re doing, trust me there is ample time! Read through questions slowly, double-check your answers and most importantly, don’t rush!


We hope this guide helps you prepare for these brilliant certifications. Our recruiters have passed the Google Partners Certifications, so feel free to contact us if there is anything you’d like to discuss further and we’ll be happy to help.



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