IT Jobs

Saffa Associates specialise in recruiting for IT jobs across the East Midlands, including Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester, Sheffield, Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

IT, or Information Technology, incorporates all things associated with digital information processing, from databases to software programmes used to run systems, automation and processes. The world simply wouldn’t run without IT, as it is part of nearly all aspects of man-made life, so without these superhero’s, we’d be doomed!

Key skills for IT Professionals:

An IT professional has the ability to partner technology and data to achieve business goals. They will usually focus on a particular area, such as software development, hardware, networking or cyber security, all playing their part in a team that ensures everything runs seamlessly together. The ability to talk in tech as well as non-tech languages will also be a great advantage to you (and your non-techy colleagues)

Examples of IT Jobs:
  • Head of IT
  • Security Analyst
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Network Architect
  • Database Administrator
  • Systems Manager
  • Penetration Tester
  • Network Engineer
  • IT Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Support Analyst
  • IT Technician

If you’re interested in a role in IT, get in touch with us or send us your CV as we would love to help.

Current IT Jobs:

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