We sat down to meet Kris Van Wellen, Director of Saffa Associates.

Why did you start Saffa Associates?

My dream has always been to run my own company. After 8 years working for various recruitment agencies, I felt ready to take the plunge. Recruitment has become so KPI focussed, rather than doing the job and I knew it could be done better.

I wanted to build and develop a truly specialist Recruitment Consultancy, where the focus is solely on delivery, where boundaries can be pushed so we are constantly current and efficient and so, the journey began.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced starting your own company?

To be honest the whole process has been a lot easier than I anticipated when I started. I wanted everything to be perfect from day one and I have a great support team who really got behind my plans and have made some awesome things happen!

The biggest challenge so far is not having a large team around me to bounce my energy off. I have worked in offices similar to that of the “The Wolf of Wall Street” (but much more PG!), so working in a quieter environment has been a big change, but has had it’s benefits.

What is your favourite aspect of Digital Marketing?

Web Design & Development, there are no limits as to what is possible! I love visiting great websites with revolutionary concepts, that takes users through a journey, rather than just giving a simple-to-use user experience.

What is the most recent advancement in Digital Marketing that has caught your interest?

A new web editing software called PageCloud. I caught a presentation about it and was blown away by how it simplifies a website’s build and design.

What’s next?

After completing my Digital Marketing Diploma, I’m keen to start Google’s AdWords & Analytics Certifications and further my knowledge in digital.

I’m excited to grow the team to help cope with demand and take the business to the next level. And a little more energy in the office wouldn’t be bad either.


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