When building Saffa Associates, I based everything on one of my favourite quotes: “Life is short, work somewhere awesome”. Saffa’s first office had to be somewhere I looked forward to working in every day. Everything is exactly as I want it which makes me as efficient as possible.


“Life is short, work somewhere awesome”


I wanted Saffa’s first office to be a mix of rustic and traditional, with new and chic. I partnered with Brown Dog Interiors, who built me a custom office made of refurbished wood and scaffolding posts.


Saffa First Office


The timber came from ceiling joists in an old Victorian mill in The Meadows, Nottingham. The mill was demolished as part of a regeneration campaign to make way for the new tram line.

Once the desk was installed, I added a brand new beautiful Mac, as well as a customised bean bag from GreatBeanBags.com, another Nottingham based company, to get the mix of old and new:

Small touches make for an awesome work space and the finished first office is perfect!


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