Finding a new job can be a long and challenging process, especially with the competition from other applicants. Here are some tips that will help you stand out amongst the crowd and help secure that dream job:

Update your CV

I know this sounds like a given, but really spend some time going through your CV, more than once! Tailor your CV to be as relevant as possible for the role you are looking for. Try and keep it between 2-3 pages. Clearly outline your education, previous roles (from most recent, onwards) and responsibilities as well as your personal interests.

Make sure key terms and skills are mentioned in your CV. Recruiters search these terms when head-hunting, so detailing your responsibilities, software packages you have used, etc, will make you visible.

If you are applying for a role, write a meaningful personal profile or a short cover letter. Explain why you are interested in the role you’re applying for and outline your key skills and experiences that demonstrate why you are suitable for the position.

Be original and don’t be scared to inject a bit of personality. You have one opportunity to introduce yourself to a prospective employer, make it count!

For more information about writing your CV, check out our “How to write a great CV” post

Update your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the 14th most viewed website (according to Alexa Internet as of August 11, 2015) with over 400 million users worldwide and it is the most used tool in recruitment. If you’re in the process of finding a new job, it’s essential your LinkedIn profile is up to date and if you haven’t already, I really suggest registering to LinkedIn.

As with your CV, make sure key terms and experiences are clearly detailed in your profile. This way, recruiters or companies will find you when searching for new talent.

LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to display recommendations from clients, colleagues and contacts. This is an excellent way to show credibility to a potential employer, so build your recommendations where you can. With that said, a recommendation from your friend saying you’re great banter is not what you’re aiming for, keep them professional and relevant.

Manage visibility on your social media accounts

With social media so accessible to everyone nowadays, know that prospective employers can use this as a tool to vet you further. Make sure you manage what is visible on all your social media accounts.

Inappropriate language or media on your social media can be open to the public, even if it is something just shared by a friend. This can reflect on you badly, so make sure what is visible to the public is appropriate or make it private.

Make time to find your next job

From finding a new job online, to speaking with companies or recruiters and then interviewing, which can involve multiple meetings, finding a new job can be extremely time consuming. If you are working, unfortunately you need to be able to make time for all of this to happen.

When you speak with potential employers or recruiters, let them know when you are able to take calls, or how much notice you need to book an interview and make sure you make yourself available at these times. Every impression counts, so always make sure you’re punctual and prepared.

Research the company and the role thoroughly

So you have found your dream job and managed to secure an interview. Really research both the company and the role you’re applying for. Unfortunately, making yourself familiar with the companies landing page or their slogan isn’t going to cut it.

Research the company in the media and social media, find out who their competitors are. Is there a gap in the market that they could be looking into and how could you make an impact? How strong would you be as a candidate if you could walk into the interview and tell them how you can really make a difference and then show them?


If you would like more support in finding a new job, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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