Web Development Jobs

Saffa Associates specialise in recruiting for web design and web development jobs across the East Midlands, including Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester, Sheffield, Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

Web Development incorporates everything involved in the building and design of a website. Web developers use various coding languages such as PHP, .NET, HTML, CSS and Java as well as various frameworks, to develop websites with specific functionality and look.

Key skills for Web Developers:

A good Web Developer will have the ability to come up with creative solutions to often, very complex problems. You should be patient, detail orientated, creative and be a good team player, as most projects are created in teams. Web Development is a very fast moving sector, so a continuous desire to learn and develop your skills is also essential.

Examples of Web Development Jobs:
  • Head of Development
  • Back-End Web Developer
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Lead Developer
  • Software Programmer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Designer
  • PHP Developer
  • .NET Developer

If you’re interested in a role in Web Development, get in touch with us or send us your CV as we would love to help.

Current Web Development Jobs:

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